White Tim Tam Shake

White Tim Tam Shake



  • 2 White Chocolate Tim Tam biscuits, broken

  • 2 scoops vanilla ice cream

  • 200ml milk


    To decorate:

  • White chocolate

  • 100’s & 1000’s

  • Whipped cream

  • White Chocolate Tim Tam biscuits, halved

  • Mini marshmallows



1.                      Melt chocolate. Dip rim of serving glass in chocolate and then 100’s & 1000’s. Add a spoonful of 100’s & 1000’s into base of glass. Set aside.

2.                      Place Tim Tambiscuits in a blender, add ice cream and milk. Blend for 1 minute or until combined.

3.                      Pour into prepared glass and top with whipped cream.

                Decorate with extra Tim Tam biscuits, mini marshmallows and extra 100’s & 1000’s.

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